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The website of www.chinaunicom.com is provided by China United Network Communications Group Company Limited and China United Network Communications Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the Company").Please read the Acknowledgement carefully when you login onto this website. If you do not agree with its Terms and Conditions or any modification made by the website, you are entitled to discontinue using the services provided by the website. By continuing to use the content provided by the website, including but not limited to the browsing of website information, downloading the website content and use of the third party links provided by the website, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions contained in the Acknowledgement.

Use of Website

All the information and any part of it on the website should not be reproduced, copied, plagiarized or used for any commercial purposes without prior consent from the Company. If the Company believes that the user's action is illegal or damages the interests of the website and the Company, it shall reserve the rights of such actions including but not limited to refusal of service provision, freeze or deletion of the user account and taking corresponding legal measures.


Links to the third party websites

If necessary, the website provides hyperlinks or guide service to the other websites operated by the third parties, or provides "contents" of the third party website via framing or other means. The "contents" herein include but not limited to any materials, files, information, communications, software, pictures, charts, logos, designs, audio and video records, voice and any other information available on the website.

The links to the third party websites are only for your own convenience. The Company reserves the right to terminate the links to the third party websites at any time it so wishes. The linked websites, contents on the linked websites and products and services described or provided thereof are not subject to the control of the Company. The Company is therefore excluded from all liability of any kind arising out of the use of the linked websites and the contents, products or services thereof (including the further links to the third party websites). If you decide to log on to or use any linked website, you should be aware of the applicable limitations of the terms and conditions of the linked websites and take preventive measures by yourself to avoid viruses or any other damaging factors while using the linked websites. You shall bear by yourself all the losses arising from the login or use of the linked websites.

The Company makes no warranties or representations of the linked websites or the contents and descriptions shown on the linked websites, or any products or services provided by the linked websites; neither does it make any acknowledgement, recommendation, approval or introduction of the abovementioned websites. Unless otherwise specified or agreed by the Company expressly, the Company shall not be the concerned party of any agreements entered into between you and the providers of any linked websites. The Company shall not be liable for any damages or losses (regardless of direct, indirect, special or accidental damages or losses) caused by any interruptions, delay, loopholes or negligence existed with the contents, products or services available on the linked websites. The links to the third party websites shown on this website does not indicate that the Company or this website has any connection with the third party websites, or has obtained any legal authorization to use any trademarks, trade names, logos or copyrights shown on or linked by the linked websites.

Links from the third party websites to this website

The links from the third party websites to this website do not necessarily indicate that the Company makes any acknowledgement, authorization or sponsorship to the third party, neither do they indicate that the third party owned by any affiliated companies, joint ventures, cooperative companies or business partners of the Company. In most cases, the Company is not aware that the third party has provided links to this website.

Forward-looking Statement

The website may contain forward-looking statements which include but not limited to: the business operation strategies of the Company; network expansion plan (including the planed corresponding CAPEX); planed development of next generation communication and other technologies and their related applications; the forecasted impacts of the tariff changes on operational performance of the Company; impacts of competition on the operational performance of the Company; future development of telecommunication sector in mainland China (including industry restructuring and change of government policies); and other statement related to the future business development and operational performance of the Company. The words of "expect", "believe", "forecast" or "plan" and others of similar kinds in the statements related to the Company are all used to identify the forward-looking nature of the statements.

The forward-looking statement, in its nature, has risks and uncertainties. The Company does not guarantee the continuous updates of the forward-looking statement. The forward-looking statement of the kind reflects the views of the Company on the future events under its current circumstances and does not make any warranty of the future business performance of the Company. The actual performance may vary materially from the forward-looking statement due to many factors which include but not limited to: further industry restructuring in mainland China; changes of regulatory policies of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other governmental agencies which may have impacts on the required government approval and license, networking and transmission lines arrangement, tariff policies, priority of CAPEX arrangement and frequency distribution, etc.; impacts of competition on the demands for communication services of the Company and on the service price; change of communication and other technologies which may have influence on the survival and competitiveness of the communication networks of the Company; and the political, economic, legal and social changes in mainland China, including the policy changes of the Chinese government in the fields of entry into telecommunication sector , foreign investment in the telecommunication sector of China, market entry of the foreign-owned enterprises, economic growth, inflation, foreign exchanges and disposable credit quota. In addition, the future network expansion, CAPEX and development plan of the Company are all subject to many factors including but not limited to whether the Company can obtain adequate financing on acceptable terms; whether the Company can get the required quantity of land areas at arm's length to install the network equipments; Whether the Company has the capacity to develop and acquire new technologies and their applications; and whether it has qualified personnel for management and technical support.

Privacy Protection+

Personal information collection

The users may visit the website and get information anonymously. Before it requests the personal information from the users, the website gives explanation to the usage of the information. The website collects the necessary personal information of the users in a fair and legitimate way only with the consent of the users and for the sole and legitimate purpose of its business operation and activities. The type of personal information the website may collect could include name, address, telephone number and email of the users. The users are entitled not to accept any materials from us at any time they wish.

If the users wish to use the services of the website which are only available after registration, they shall agree to: provide their true, accurate, updated and complete personal information according to the service registration requirements; and guarantee the timely update of the personal information. The Company is not liable for any damages to the users caused by the inaccurate and incomplete personal information and the lack of timely update of the personal information. The Company reserves the right of seek for compensation for its losses caused by the inaccurate and incomplete personal information and the lack of timely update of the personal information.

Use of personal information

The Corporation is entitled to use your personal information for its internal business purposes, the daily management and operation of the Company's business and of services and products provided by the Company to its customers, monitoring the use of the website and its security, implementation of internal control, preparation of statistics, planning and research; or designing service and products for the customers' usage; market promotion (including direct sales and market survey); confirming, checking and/or recording and maintaining the contact lists for communications and promotion; dispute resolution, troubleshooting and enforcement of this Acknowledgement; enabling the business and operational participants, associated participants or transferees to evaluate the related transfer projects and participation or associated participation projects; and any other purposes directly related to any of the abovementioned conditions.

The entitled users of the personal information for the abovementioned purposes should not be limited to the Company itself, rather they should include any affiliated companies, joint companies, business partners and professional advisors of the Company, who have gained the legal authorization of the Company and are connected with the business and operation of the Company, and any agents, contractors or third party service providers who provide the administrative management, telecommunications, computer, payment, contents, information and other services to the Company.

Disclosure of personal information

The website takes reasonable security measures to protect the personal information provided by the users. Prior to the consent of the users, the website provides no personal information of the users to any unrelated third parties, unless otherwise:

1. required by the competent authorities according to the laws and administrative regulations;

2. the non-open information of the users is disclosed due to the improper protection by the uses of their own information;

3. the information is disclosed, lost, stolen or interpolated due to failures of the network lines, hackers attack or computer viruses;

4. for the purpose of protection of the users' rights and properties;

5. for the safety of the website, the individual user or the public under the emergent circumstances;

6. in other special or emergent cases.

Protection of IPR

The domain names, trademarks, trade names, information, texts, graphics, images, voices, links, software and all the other contents available on this website are provided by the Company, its content providers and the third party licensees. The IPR of the above contents is owned by the Company, its content providers and the third party licensees respectively, based on specific circumstances.

Unless otherwise specified or agreed by both parties concerned, the contents on the website shall not be copied, displayed, modified, transferred, distributed, publisher-published, downloaded, pasted or transmitted in any format or by any means (including but not limited to reprography, xerography or record), without prior written consent from the Company and/or other owners of the IPR.

The trademarks, trade names and logos of this website or any part of them shall not be used, duplicated, modified, spread or bundled with other products for any reasons by any means, without prior consent from the Company or the owners of abovementioned trademarks, trade names and logos


The information provided by the website is for reference only and should not be used for any commercial purposes. The website makes no representation to its accuracy, effectiveness, timeliness and completeness. The Company and its employees shall not be liable for, directly or indirectly, any negligence, inaccuracy, falseness of transmission or delivery of any information. The Company shall not compensate for any damages resulting from the use or non-use of any information, links or projects provided by the website, regardless of whether it is direct, indirect, associated, affiliated, special or punitive (including but not limited to the losses of earnings and expected profits or the lost businesses and the unrealized expected reductions), unless otherwise provided by law. The Company reserves the rights to correct, at its own discretion, any mistakes or omissions of any parts of the website. The Company may modify the website and its contents, products, projects, services or prices described by the website at any time without prior notification.

The website, its information and contents and the software and materials available on the website are provided on an "as is" basis and do not contain any express or implied representations or warranties of any nature. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Company states that it makes no express or implied representations or warranties, including but not limited to security, accuracy, completeness, suitability, no-breach or no-virus. You shall bear all the responsibilities and risks out of the use of the website.

The website shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses of the users in the following cases:

1. business interruption;

2. disabled, delayed or interrupted login;

3. unable to transmit data, false transmission of data, impairment, loss or other modifications of data;

4. any kinds of losses or damages arising from the processing of links to the other websites provided by or available on this website;

5. computer virus, system failure or dysfunction caused by the use of the website (including the links to and from the third party websites) by the customers;

6. disclosure or leak of personal information of the users caused by the six conditions described in "Item iii" of Article IV of this Acknowledgement;

7. losses of the users caused by force majeure or other reasons which cannot be reasonably controlled by the Company.

Service Change, Suspension and Termination

The website will do at its best to give notification prior to the suspension of network services due to system maintenance or upgrading.

This website is entitled to suspend or terminate its network services to the users at any time without prior notification and reject the use of its services or parts of the services at present and in the future in the following circumstances: 1. the users provide false, untrue, outdated, incomplete or misleading information or the website has reason to believe that the information is false, untrue, outdated, incomplete or misleading; and 2. the users violate the terms and conditions of this Acknowledgement or the rules of the related usage agreement.

Except for the abovementioned situations, the website reserves the right to suspend or terminate all or parts of its network services at any time without prior notifications to the users. Unless otherwise specified by law or agreed by both parties, the Company takes no responsibility to the users or any third party for any losses caused by such suspension or termination.

Modification of Terms and Conditions

The Company reserves the right to modify, add or delete, at any time and its own discretion, any contents of this Acknowledgement. By login to and using the website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions which are in effect. Therefore, you should check the date of the Acknowledgement each time you login to or use the website and the differences between the modified version and the previous one.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The formulation, implementation and interpretation of and dispute resolution in relation to this Acknowledgement shall be governed by the law of the People's Republic of China. In case that both parties fail to come to an agreement on the disputes arising from the use of this website, either party may submit such dispute to the people's court at the place where such party is located.