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Career Development

As a leading national telecom operator, China Unicom sticks to the concept of Putting Customers First and Talents Foremost in personnel training, commences on establishing a training mechanism for professional staff in line with the development of modern corporate and knowledge-based staff, strives to create atmosphere of "learning enterprise", advocates joint development of employees and the enterprise, and makes efforts to become a famous enterprise which attracts, unites, trains and ultimately develops talents.

The training programs of the company follow the principle of unified planning and layered management. A three-level training management system is taking shape, consisting of the headquarters, provincial branches and municipal branches. At present, there are around 1,000 independently-developed training courses and more than 3,000 internal tutors in the company, putting in place a well-structured training system which covers sales/services, marketing, construction/maintenance, support and management. The courses are divided into four levels, including basic quality training, job skill training, capacity promotion training and career development training. At the corporate level, there are two internal training grounds, i.e., China Unicom Management Institute and Beijing Xiao Tangshan Training Base. China Unicom also enjoys sound collaboration with external sources, e.g.. the Harvard Business School, China Europe International Business School, CKGSB, Ericsson China Academy, Motorola University,  Huawei University, ZTE University and other well-known enterprises and universities.

In 2009, the focus of the training is to train personnel for 3G, full-service operation and corporate management to ensure the accomplishment of key tasks of the company, promote integration of corporate culture and improve the quality of the headquarter staff  With the establishment of a double-crack promotion channel, the company will further perfect its staff training system, introduce personalized training products and develop training courses with corporate features, such as freshman training, corporate culture training, leadership training, and new product and service training.

In the future, the training programs of the company will focus on serving the corporate strategy and nurturing the corporate culture, promoting joint development of employees and the company by helping the staff to enhance their professional performance and capabilities, becoming the "knowledge storage" for staff's learning, the incubator for professional managers and the "server" for corporate knowledge management, and then fully strengthening the company's comprehensive competitiveness and ability for sustainable development to lay a solid foundation for building the company into a world-leading broadband communication and information service provider.