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China Unicom has always given top priority to improving its innovation capacity and core competitiveness. The Company has been mading great efforts to promote indigenous innovation and built up an integrated technical innovation system.

Leading the found of the National Engineering Research Center for NGI Broadband Services and Applications. This center is one of the first three national engineering research centers approved by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), and it is also the only national-level demonstration research center for the innovation of broadband services and applications and for the industrialization of scientific achievements in China's information and communications field. Furthermore, by setting up the first postdoctoral workstation of the telecom operators, China Unicom has successfully improved the company's capability in technical and system innovation and cultivated a group of senior telecom talents, who are following the future development of telecom industries of China.

Undertaking several major national projects. Among the major national projects undertaken by China Unicom, the demonstration Project on Softswtich for Converged Multimedia and Mobile Services was demonstrated at the "Exhibition of Great Achievements during the 10th Five-year Plan Period". China Next Generation Internet (CNGI) Demonstration Project approved by NDRC has achieved many outstanding results, among which the Olympic Media Instant Transfer and the IPv6-based Video Monitoring services were successfully introduced to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and made several historical records in the history of the Olympic communications. By virtue of these major national projects, China Unicom has accumulated rich experiences in promoting the cooperation of industry, university and research institute and cultivated a large group of technical talents, thus China Unicom maintains the leading advantages in the field of NGI and fulfills its social responsibilities as a central state-owned enterprise.

Solving challenging technical difficulties and making many world-leading achievements. China Uninet, the China Unicom's integrated network platform for multiple services, has achieved many world-leading successes and won the first prize of State Scientific & Technological Progress Award. Meanwhile, the first dual-mode dual-standby mobile communications system developed by China Unicom has successfully bridged the technical gap between the two mobile communications standards of the world, CDMA and GSM. In 2007, NDRC granted China Unicom the only Technology Innovation Special Award in China's telecom sector.

Paying close attention to the frontier technologies and constantly developing products and services with proprietary intellectual property rights. The authentication scheme for the "separation of EV-DO handset and SIM card" led by China Unicom was adopted by 3GPP2 as specifications and by TIA as standards, which marks China Unicom's participation in the development of international standards. Moreover, China Unicom was entrusted by international organizations to develop a global standard on the dual-mode dual-standby mobile communications terminals, which is the first global mobile phone standard led by a Chinese enterprise. Furthermore, after developing the AVS-IPTV standard system, China Unicom is striving to make AVS the mainstream standard for China's IPTV and also make it an international standard on an early day.

Establishing the management system of product innovation. By integrating and optimizing the value-added mobile and fixed-line products as well as broadband application products, standardizing the management process, and innovating in product operation and business modes, China Unicom has carried out specialized operation and transformed the advantages in resources and services into marketing advantages. Meanwhile, China Unicom also strives for the healthy and sustainable development of value-added services by giving priority to main revenue-generating products, actively fostering fast-growing products and tracking the development of strategic reserve products.

Upholding the basic state policy of self-renovation, China Unicom has been pushing forward the better and faster development of the Company. With the vision to be a world-leading provider of broadband communications and information services, China Unicom will give full play to its advantages in convergence, continue to enhance its innovation capability, accelerate the pace of technical innovation, and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable and effective development of technical innovation by improving the network development strategies and unifying the management of technologies.