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Network Resources

Capability of Fixed-line Communications

With a huge nationwide fixed-line network reaching out to the rest of the world, China Unicom is able to provide diversified and differentiated access services. The fixed-line network consists of a high-speed, large-capacity transmission network with rich access resources, security and reliability, a voice network with mature technology and stable quality of service, a high-quality data network and Internet with flexible network rollout and access, strong supporting networks with cutting edge technologies and standardized management, such as No.7 Signaling network and digital synchronization network.

Adopting WDM, SDH and state-of-the-art ASON technology, the transmission network covers 31 provinces of the country and reaches out to major countries and regions through international submarine and land optical cables as well as satellites. The optical cable has a total length of 2.268 million sheath kilometers, of which the backbone optical cable totals 327 thousand sheath kilometers and local and access optical cable totals 1.941 million sheath kilometers.

Adopting traditional TDM exchange and the most advanced softswitch technology for network rollout, the voice network is able to provide various voice and value-added services. The capacity of domestic long-distance phone switch is 206 thousand E1; the capacity of long-distance softswitch TG is 11 thousand E1; the capacity of international long-distance switch is 8082 E1; the capacity of local office exchange is 79.21 million lines; and the capacity of PHS system is 51.77 million lines.

The Internet, composed of public Internet and IP bearer network, provides differentiated Internet services for different customers. The network covers the whole country and extends to the rest of the world through eight overseas nodes in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Europe, the United States, etc. The bandwidth of trunk circuit of public Internet backbone network totals 7664.19G; the interconnection bandwidth for major domestic operators reaches190G; and the total bandwidth of international gateway is 232G. Interconnection has been established with 42 foreign Internet operators and client networks in 17 nations and regions.

Adopting the ATM technology, the data network covers all the major cities in 31 provinces. With a total bandwidth of 139.38G, the backbone network provides stable and reliable private leased line service for government agencies, financial institutions and multinational corporations.

Capacity of Mobile Communications Network

China Unicom has a mobile communications network covering all the urban and rural areas of China, providing the customers with high-quality voice service and various types of value-added services. Equipped with highly mature technologies and supporting extensive applications, its GSM/GPRS wireless network is underpinned by 220,000 base stations and nearly 970,000 carrier frequencies, representing a total wireless capacity of 200 million subscribers. Softswitch technology is employed in the core network of the mobile circuit domain. With more than 540 mobile switching centers and a total switching capacity of 210 million subscribers, the network provides robust protection for the automatic roaming of mobile subscribers across the country. The IP packet switching technology is applied in the core network of the mobile packet domain, where transmission bandwidths are in abundant supply. While providing GPRS subscribers with a vast range of high-quality packet data services, the network also provides customers with future-oriented high-speed 3G wireless packet data service capabilities.