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Awards and Feedbacks

April 2008

A meeting was held in the Great Hall of the People on April 29 2008 to celebrate the coming International Labor Day which falls on May 1. 430 organizations and 1095 individuals were awarded with recognition certificates and medals at the meeting. 3 certificate winners and 11 medal winners were from the former China Netcom and 2 medal winners were from the former China Unicom. On 29th April, the All China Federation of Trade Unions decided to award 1055 organizations as "Pioneers of Workers". Altogether 130 organizations from the national defense and telecom sectors were nominated, among which 6 were under the former China Netcom and 4 under the former China Unicom. Such activities have helped improve greatly the company's quality of service.

March 2008

SASAC held a videoconference on March 20 to celebrate the closing of the Year of Quality Service and award winning service providers for the Olympic Games. China Unicom was among the 21 winning state-owned enterprises directly under the leadership of the central government and 29 individuals were also nominated as model employees for their high-quality service.

In a survey conducted jointly by the former MII and China Consumers' Association on customer satisfaction in March, China Unicom turned out to be the grand winner for both fixed telephony and broadband access. This was the 6th time for the company to be voted as the most satisfactory provider for broadband access service and the 5th time for the company to be voted as the most satisfactory provider of fixed telephony.


To help boost quality of service, China Unicom launched a campaign over professional ethics in 2007 that promoted "ethical organizations" and "ethical individuals". The former China Netcom and China Unicom have both made great efforts in this area. The new company has been awarded numerous times for excellence in professional ethics at national, provincial and city levels.

February 2008

The former Ministry of Information Industry (MII) recognized 6 of China Unicom's branches for their outstanding quality and credibility at the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Telecom Sector held on February 27, 2008. 4 branches, 26 teams and 56 individuals won the Star Award for their remarkable efforts in achieving customer satisfaction.