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Future Outlook

As a world-class Chinese telecom operator, China Unicom is transforming itself into a "leading broadband and information service provider" globally. With the evolution of Information Technology, opening up of the telecom market and accelerated convergence of different industries, China Unicom will make best use of its recent merger to speed up integrated operation, reform and innovation. In the meantime, the company will actively undertake its social responsibility and try to realize coordinated and sustainable development along with other stakeholders.

With regard to the fulfillment of its economic responsibilities, China Unicom will focus on full-service operation and wireless broadband Internet, and accelerate network deployment and innovation capacity in an effort to create value for its customers and returns for its shareholders. The company will also improve its corporate governance, build up a system of punishment and prevention, strengthen monitoring on performance evaluation, and safeguard the legitimate rights of its employees so as to promote sustainable development of the company.

With regard to the fulfillment of its social responsibilities, China Unicom will make further efforts to improve its quality of service especially after the acquisition of a mobile license, actively participate in the Connect the Villages Project to share the fruits of Information Technology with the whole society, and organize nationwide campaigns for the public good in a bid to help support disadvantaged groups, education and community service.

With regard to the fulfillment of environmental responsibilities, China Unicom will give priority to harmony between business development and natural environment, stick to saving energy and reducing emissions, promote ICT application internally and externally, strengthen waste management to increase recycling of resources, implement strict electro-magnetic radiation standards and enhance in-depth cooperation between upstream and downstream links on the industry chain so as to create a sound eco-system jointly.

The newly-restructured China Unicom is entering into a brand new stage of development. We will try to increase our core competitiveness through increased input/output ratio. Meanwhile, we will constantly enhance our awareness about corporate citizenship and make the fulfillment of social responsibility part of the daily operation of the company so as to create harmony between man and nature as well as between business development and environmental protection.