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Going Greener

To implement the government's strategic initiative to build an energy-efficient and environment- friendly society, China Unicom has executed the idea of environmental protection and resource conservation in every link of its operations and launched a company-wide campaign on environmental protection and conservation in a bid to realize harmonious development of both the business and the nature.

Fostering a Culture of Conservation+

The conservation awareness campaign

Conservation awareness campaign is aimed to educate and encourage the employees to conserve resources and refrain from wasting through detail management and process control in production and operation.

Conservation of raw materials

China Unicom's employees are required to maximize the use of electronic means and minimize the use of paper in their office. When there is an inevitable need for the use of paper, the use should be optimized through double-sided printing or photocopying. In principle, color printing should be avoided so long as there is no special need for it. Consumables must be used appropriately. Strategic partnership has been established between China Unicom and its main equipment suppliers to ensure zero inventory for backup equipment. A quota has been created for material consumption. The company has also enhanced management on remaining materials from new buildings and used materials from dismantling old buildings.

Conservation of water resources

China Unicom has strengthened its management of water usage in computer rooms and office buildings. Multiple use of water and the use of recycled water are highly encouraged. The company promotes the use of water-efficient devices. At the HQ building, reclaimed water system has been installed. Reclaimed water is used to flush public toilets, wash cars as well as spray greeneries, which is a very effective way to conserve water and protect the environment. A new variable-frequency non-vacuum water distribution system is adopted for water supply, which makes it unnecessary to build a reservoir thus avoiding the need to clean the reservoir regularly and also secondary pollution, as is the case with traditional water boosting system.

Conservation of land resources

China Unicom makes full use of its existing land resources and encourages conservation and intensive use of land. It tries to reduce the amount of land used by central offices in the principle of "more business outlets and fewer central offices". To increase the efficiency of business outlets, the company has relocated some of the outlets.

Creating a Conservation-oriented Business through Increased Energy Efficiency

In line with the requirements of SASAC and MIIT on energy conservation and emission reduction, China Unicom has given top priority to energy conservation upgrade projects, strictly implemented energy conservation standards in production and office buildings and strengthened electricity saving in communication projects, operation and maintenance, office lighting and air- conditioning. To be specific, air-conditioning is forbidden in office area when the temperature is below 26°ś. The layout of computer rooms is optimized to reduce space and thus air-conditioning. Electricity-saving technologies have been adopted and power-consuming systems such as elevators have been readjusted. The use of energy-efficient lights and equipments has been maximized. It has been ensured that lights are switched off and electricity cut off when the last person leaves the office. A quota of oil is given to all automobiles for official purposes to restrict oil consumption. All employees are encouraged to reduce use of private cars to contribute to oil conservation. By the end of 2008, China Unicom has invested more than RMB 120 million and conducted over 1,200 projects on energy conservation, which helped reduce energy-related cost by RMB 200 million.

Increasing Overall Energy Efficiency

To increase efficiency of energy, China Unicom has carried out a number of activities which mainly include: accelerating network integration and making the best use of existing network resources, sticking to the principle of imposing capacity floor control and giving full play of existing devices, activating unused network capacity through external cooperation, optimizing network maintenance and minimizing maintenance cost through China Unicom's professional maintenance teams in northern 10 provinces and integrated maintenance and management of long-distance, local and rural cables, enhancing resources dispatching and management, coordinating marketing department, operation & maintenance department as well as deployment department to optimize network structure and increase network efficiency and security, maximizing the use of existing teleconferencing technologies to reduce conference expenses and increase working efficiency.

Taking into Consideration the Harmonious Co-existence of Man and Nature in Network Deployment

China Unicom has tried to minimize the environmental effects of telecom network deployment. Site selection is done with careful planning. Mines, forests, grasslands, wildlife, natural and cultural heritage, nature reserves and tourist attractions are intentionally avoided in the process of telecom route survey. Cutting-edge technologies are adopted to ensure that cables go underneath barriers so as to avoid changing surrounding environment. While deploying base stations, great efforts have been made not only to comply with radiation standards, but also to ensure the compatibility between the appearance of the antenna and its surrounding environment.

China Unicom is committed to environmental protection and circular economy. With intensive management to reduce energy consumption and continuous promotion of emission reduction, the company has fostered a strong atmosphere for a "conservation-oriented business" internally and has created a wonderful image of "environmentally-friendly business" externally, thus contributing its due part to the sustainable development of the society.