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Working Together to Build a Harmonious Society

China Unicom always pays close attention to the expectations and demands of our stakeholders and strives to create value for them. In the face of a series of important political events and natural disasters in 2008, such as the Beijing Olympics, the flight around the moon by Chang'e-1, the Seventh Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM 7), and the earthquake in Wenchuan on May 12, the Company successfully fulfilled the responsibilities of guaranteeing the communication security of the country and ensuring communications for disaster relief operations. China Unicom also regards it as its own responsibility to advance the economic and social informatization and support the building of new socialist countryside. China Unicom actively participated in public welfare undertakings to enable vulnerable groups such as persons with disabilities to have equal access to new information and communication technologies and enjoy the facilitation and convenience brought about by such technologies. The Company strived to achieve the harmonious development between the enterprise and the society.

Improving Service Quality and Protecting Consumers Interests

"www.10010.com" is introduced to provide consumers with convenience

Following the successful pre-commercialization of online payment in early October 2008, China Unicom's online service hall (www.10010.com) introduced three new payment functions on November 18, namely recharge through bankcards (direct recharge), recharge through regular recharge card and recharge through integrated recharge card. Users can log on the unified online service hall (www.10010.com) of China Unicom to recharge the accounts or pay phone bills for any brand of China Unicom's mobile phone services via bankcards or integrated recharge cards that can be used throughout the country. The introduction of these new functions provided the users with more convenient recharge and bill payment services.

Listening to customers' voices and meeting their demands

In line with the arrangements of SASAC and MIIT, China Unicom has taken the opportunity of the Olympic Games to launch 20 services to the society. To ensure the services to be well put in place, the company has worked out more than 50 initiatives which cover network security, business operation, service management, etc. By now the services and initiatives have all been well implemented, which resulted in great improvement in China Unicom's reputation and credibility among its customers. Meanwhile, the company has launched a special campaign to understand the real needs of customers and help resolve problems clinging to the company. About 1.923 million people took part in the campaign and more than 10,000 pieces of advice were collected, which formed a sound basis for the improvement of the company's quality of service.

China Unicom has taken a number of measures to strengthen the management of the whole process of service provision, including making focused analysis on important cases, monitoring the resolution of hot issues, setting up accountability system for quality of service, conducting surveys on customer satisfaction, enabling public or secret investigations, etc. In 2008, the Quality Analysis Committee at the company's headquarters accomplished 12 focused analyses on 25 cases. With improved coordination mechanisms, clearer accountability system, optimized service and management flow, the issues that customers complain the most about were largely and effectively resolved.

Creating a green communications environment

In 2008, China Unicom continued to enrich network contents and clean up the network environment in a bid to build a harmonious cyberspace. Centering on the Olympic theme, China Unicom opened an Olympic hotline - 1169992008, an interactive information service, to provide customers with convenient access to Olympic knowledge. With regard to the theme of "barrier-free access to information", China Unicom opened the first "barrier-free information platform - 11699222 hotline" for persons with disabilities to provide them with an interactive platform to exchange information of education, employment, consultation, mutual aid and other aspects.

Cleaning out junk information and cleaning up network spaces

China Unicom established and improved the information detection, monitoring and disposal mechanism and adopted measures to improve SMS group sending service. China Unicom focused upon cleaning up unhealthy information. With regard to such problems as spamming form SMS ports for industry applications, spamming from information service operators, spamming of ads SMS, and spamming between networks, China Unicom improved technical support, strengthened management on the rates of mobile information services and fee charging behaviors, accepted customers' reporting on unhealthy information and set up a long-term supervision mechanism to safeguard legitimate rights and interests of customers. China Unicom punished 5 SPs, closed 15 industry application ports, and intercepted more than 150,000 Spam messages.

Adopting rectification measures targeted at Internet access and key markets

China Unicom carried out rectification work extensively and cracked down on Internet pornography, fraud, gambling, sale of contraband and other illegal and criminal activities in accordance with applicable laws. China Unicom, in support of public security departments, provided website/access information for 1779 times, shut down 290 illegal websites, punished 39 violating SPs, deleted 8,394 pieces of unhealthy information, and handled 897 complaints from customers. China Unicom strictly checked the qualification of the Internet service providers and the filing of their websites, actively filed IP addresses, worked closely with the communications authority to shut down 659 non-filing or non-licensed websites, filed 4,197,276 IP addresses and strengthened the self-check and rectification on fee collection service via mobile phone and mobile information access services.

Enabling Smooth Communications for the Olympics and Other Big Events+

The Beijing Olympics, with its eleven firsts in the history of Olympic communications, has presented a feast of communications to the whole world

In the 29th 2008 Beijing Olympics, China Unicom, based on innovation and development, fulfilled the idea of scientific and technical Olympics with eleven firsts in the history of Olympic communications and presented a wonderful feast of communications to the whole world, i.e. the first to adopt the intelligent optical transmission network based on the ASON technology; the first to use shallow compression HPV transmission technology; the first to employ the video monitoring system based on the IPV6 technology; the first to apply the broadband Internet card; the first to provide the multimedia real-time transmission service based on VLAN; the first to introduce the Olympic City Tone service; the first to build the multilingual calling center; the first to make use of the broadband wireless communications technology; the first to adopt the TelePresence technology in the video conferencing system; the first to employ the IMS technology in the command and control system and the first to launch the "Olympic service standards ".

During the Olympics, good interaction was formed between the host city Beijing and other co-host cities as Qingdao, Tianjin, Shenyang, Qinhuangdao, Shanghai, Hong Kong; between provinces and cities directly related to the Olympics and large network support, main trunk line maintenance and overseas POP; between communications guarantee and marketing and customer reception. Through joint coordination in the whole process and network, China Unicom has supported the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympics with great effort and enthusiasm.

During the Olympics, the company totally accepted and activated 24.6 thousand fixed-line phones, 840 ISDN, 3000 ADSL and almost 3000 private lines. 23000 people in total have directly participated in the Olympic service and guarantee work, of which 6600 people were arranged in event cities and positions of communication trunk line, resident places and important guarantee areas. Besides, some people were specially assigned for International nodes as Hong Kong, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, London and Frankfurt. During the Olympics, the company dispatched almost 514,000 people in total, and patrolled optical cables about 7,552,000km.

In the whole process of the Olympics, the network worked well, without any high-class communication failure. As all systems had the backup, customers felt no failures; the acceptance response was 100% real time. No complaints occurred in the Olympics, which is unprecedented compared with the past Olympic communications guarantee work. IOC, BOCOG, domestic and foreign media, different government divisions and sports organizations have extended their appreciation for China Unicom's excellent communications service; Reuters, AFP, AP, Xinhua News Agency, Getty Images, NBC, EBU and the chairman of BOB and the chairman of EUTELESAT have expressed their thankfulness as well and hoped to further cooperate with China Unicom.

By working for the Olympics, China Unicom faithfully puts its social responsibilities in practice and builds good images as a large-sized state-owned cooperation; by working for the Olympics, China Unicom keeps on intensifying the capability of basic communication network and further improves the level of communications guarantee; by working for the Olympics, China Unicom devotes to the application of new technical services and provides advanced modern information and communication services; by working for the Olympics, China Unicom takes the initiative to expand the market and obtains much more operation experience and improves the service level; China Unicom insists on exercising the staff by working for the Olympics and lays a strong foundation for its healthy and sustainable development. The experience accumulated during the Olympics is a precious fortune for the development of the new company in the future, which should be transformed into the power to push the development of the new company. To achieve this, the company should further intensify the sense of responsibility and carry forward the success experience of gained from the Olympics; further boost up the sense of development and unfold the vigor of success; further intensify the sense of innovation and take the innovation spirit of "scientific and technical Olympics "; and further boost up the sense of talent and show the group spirit of Olympics to create new situations for the fast and healthy development of the new company.

On September 25, 2008, the summarizing and honoring ceremony for the Olympic work was held in Beijing. In the ceremony, Beijing branch of China Unicom was awarded "Prominent contribution honor of the Olympic work", Hebei branch and other eleven units were awarded "Excellent organizing honor of the Olympic work", Qingdao Olympic command and other six units were awarded "Organizing honor of the Olympic work", the guarantee group of the National Stadium and other 53 groups were granted the "Best group of the Olympic work", and the network operation department of Shanghai branch was granted the "Best unit of the Olympic work".

Enabling trusted communications for big events

China Unicom undertakes the job of supporting national communications security and smooth communications, provides support for the success of major political and social events and offers communications guarantee service for NPC and NCCPC.

In 2008, Beijing branch of China Unicom accomplished the one year communications guarantee job for "Chang' I" circumlunar satellite. Miyun Bulaotun observatory undertook the job of data collection and transmission during the key phase of launching the "Chang'e I" circumlunar satellite. The company provided ASON network support for data transmission from the observatory to Beijing's and Shanghai's observatories. The company not only rebuilt the original transmission, but changed the single chain to dual router and the protection of transmission loop, and established a special emergency communications team, made a detailed communications guarantee plan and dispatched maintenance staff to ensure and make regular maintenance.

In 2008, Beijing branch of China Unicom accomplished the communications guarantee work satisfactorily for the Seventh Asia-Europe Meeting. The company activated the 24 core optical cable pathway from the media center located in Beijing International Hotel to the long-distance call building and activated 55 phones, about 200 Internet ports and the coverage of WLAN of all meeting rooms to provide 7¡Á24 hours site guarantee. The company activated 2 relay phones with IDD function for CCTV; activated the pure optical circuit from Shangri-La Hotel that was the work position of Ministry of Public Security to the building of Ministry of Public Security located in Chang'an Street and provided communications guarantee; accomplished the activation and testing work of 19 optical private lines of Ministry of Public Security and Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau; and implemented 24 hours communications guarantee for 19 hotels and 2 activity centers related to the meeting and real-time monitoring for performance indicators of key network elements. During the meeting, diversified communications approaches were used to transmit the meeting to domestic and foreign media up to 59 sections with 4400 minutes.

Emergency Rescue and Disaster Relief, the Embodiment of Corporate Responsibility and Mission+

As an enterprise and citizen, China Unicom has the coverage to undertake responsibilities for big events and dedicates to the society positively, which can show the strong sense of social responsibility that a large-sized state-owned should have. In the face of southern freezing rain and snow disaster at the beginning of 2008 and Wenchuan earthquake happened on May 12, 2008, China Unicom threw itself into the breach, fought against the disaster with joint effort and made quick response, which greatly reduced the inconvenience and loss generated by the disaster and strongly supported local governments in the work of emergency rescue and disaster relief.

The freezing disaster: heading for the front line of emergency rescue and disaster relief

During fighting against southern freezing rain and snow disaster in 2008, China Unicom dispatched staff 166568 times for emergency rescue and disaster relief, used repair vehicles 100448 times, repaired 5156 sets equipments, generated electricity up to 86330 times, spent totally 701900 hours for the generation of electricity, consumed oil 2.2637 million liters, and dispatched vehicles for emergency communications 16123 times and vehicles for communication recovery and the generation of electricity 63026 times. Other provinces purchased 2546 generators in total to guarantee the communications and the investment used to purchase disaster relief materials as ail, rainproof products, products against the cold added up to 9.11 million yuan. In the process of disaster relief, totally 8561 generators were used; according to the requirements of disaster provinces, northern branches of China Unicom dispatched 5 60KW oil locomotives, 50 small-sized oil locomotives and abundant necessities of life like thick clothes and flashlights to southern disaster areas, with the overall cost amounting to 28 million yuan. During the fighting against the freezing and the work of disaster relief, China Unicom sent totally 447 million emergency short messages to the public.

During the emergency rescue and disaster relief, Beijing branch of China Unicom activated 32 road video transmission circuit for the Publicity Department, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Supervision, Civil Aviation Administration of China and China Insurance Regulatory Commission, which transmitted 27 sections with 3595 minutes and supported nationwide disaster relief TV conference 12 times. Guangxi branch activated 5 communications command circuits from Nanning to Guilin for Guangxi Power Grid Company within 2 hours, which ensured the smooth command and control of electric power system. Sichuan branch broadcasted over 9 million public welfare information like disaster weather forecast through the SCDMA network. Jiangxi branch contributed the phone card of 1 million to disaster areas through its Department of Civil Affairs. In addition to the disaster relief work, to recover the production, China Unicom carried out full-scale after-disaster reconstruction work in the mid of February, made the "Disaster relief report and after-disaster reconstruction plan" and "Project of after-disaster reconstruction planning" and invested substantial funds for reconstruction.

On April 29, 2008, State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) held a summarizing and honoring ceremony of fighting against freezing rain and snow disaster for central enterprises. In the ceremony, China Unicom was selected the 2008 advanced unit of fighting against freezing rain and snow disaster; 9 branches including Hunan and Guizhou were granted the 2008 advanced unit of fighting against freezing rain and snow disaster; 12 people were awarded the 2008 advanced individual of fighting against freezing rain and snow disaster; 2 units were selected the advanced basic party organization of fighting against freezing rain and snow disaster and 2 persons were chosen excellent party members of fighting against freezing rain and snow disaster.

Wenchuan earthquake: presenting the social responsibility undertaken by a state-owned communications enterprise

By June 4, 2008, after the 5.12 super earthquake, 71.8 thousand fixed-line phone and broadband users were negatively affected according to incomplete statistics; 1487 base stations were damaged; the network and services involving 22 counties were negatively affected; 394 work rooms were damaged; 874km optical cables were damaged; more than 2000 telegraph poles fell down and 2438 (set) equipments were to some extent damaged or destroyed.

Soon after the Wenchun super earthquake happened, China Unicom activated the family searching hotline 10010 and 10198 and established a special zone for family searching on its Website to provide services as relatives and friends searching, help seeking information, reporting safety to the family and checking the phone of disaster relief and hospitals. Be 00:00, June 11, the family searching service had 3.6 million times access, received family searching phone 22296 times and helped find families 1134 times.

After the earthquake, China Unicom staff took the initiative to donate money and materials for disaster areas. The staff donated 45 million yuan in total; party members paid the "special party dues" up to 26.83 million yuan.

On July 14, All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) decided to nominate the " 'Worker pioneer' of fighting against the earthquake and disaster relief and reconstruction". China Unicom's 21 units and individuals got the title of "Worker pioneer" of fighting against the earthquake and disaster relief and reconstruction. On October 7, in the summarizing and honoring ceremony of 2008 fighting against the earthquake and disaster relief held by the Central Committee of the CPC, the State Council and the Central Military Commission of the CPC, the maintenance center director Hu Yong of Xuyong County, Sichuan Luzhou branch of China Unicom, was granted the "Model of 2008 fighting against the earthquake and disaster relief".

To fully recover the communications in disaster areas of Sichuan, according to the requirements of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), China Unicom made a detailed after-disaster reconstruction plan based on the three-step strategy of "activation, recover and reconstruction": to recover network communications in disaster areas before June 6 and the coverage and network capacity should recover to the level before the disaster; to realize the safe and steady operation of the network before June 27, and the quality of network and capability of service should get to the level before the disaster; to develop the network optimizing work before August 27, and the quality of network and capability of service should be better than the level before the disaster. In terms of the reconstruction plan, China Unicom reconstructed 956 base stations, recovered 6300km optical cables and established over 130 temporary business houses ranging more than 800sq.m.; reconstructed 70500km optical cables and 3200 basestations; newly built 38800sq.m.business houses. After the reconstruction, the level of network coverage increases 15% or so compared with that before the disaster.

Promoting ICT Application in the National Economy+

China Unicom takes promoting ICT application in economic and social life as its own responsibility, honestly implements the scientific outlook of development, driving industrialization with information technology and promoting information industry with industrialization and helps the ICT application in national economy. China Unicom considers it its duty and obligation to enable the public to enjoy benefits and convenience of modern ICT by providing customers with wide range of information products and services and makes every effort to serve economic and social informatization.

Promoting 3G development and sharing the benefits of advancement of ICT with the general public

In 2008, China Unicom demonstrated to the public on several exhibitions WCDMA-based 3G services where users could watch video TV on the mobile phone anytime; realize long-distance real-time monitoring on the traffic, home security and business operation on the mobile phone with mobile or fixed video front-end camera in virtue of high bandwidth of 3G network; fast access to the Internet and Internet applications anytime anywhere with laptop or PC with HSPA 3G card at 7.2Mb/s download rate; and multiple applications such as mobile payment, ID authentication, anti-counterfeiting, advertisement and information exchange through the "non-contact IC card mobile wallet".

Leveraging full service operation and developing broadband multi-media services

With a user-centric approach, China Unicom focuses on users' needs, expands business content, builds converged network and strengthens technology, business and application innovation to meet users' demand for comprehensive information services through a combination of bundled products and integrated services. While making great efforts in developing broadband, China Unicom develops innovative growth models, enhances service capacity and strengthens close combination of broadband access with data, content, application and multi-media to explore new business for high and sustainable revenue growth. An integrated comprehensive operational system has taken shape as a result of convergence of mobile and fixed services, which demonstrates a combined development force in mobile and fixed broadband areas. The highlighted services and applications targeting different customer groups including individuals, households, government and enterprises in different industries such as culture and entertainment, education, medical care and transportation fully meet social demand for information services.

Promoting informatization of public services to benefit the public

In 2008, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, State Administration of Taxation 12366, "National minimum security project" under Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Unicom launched an environmental protection project signing ceremony in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, signed network transformation project agreements with Bank of China, China Minsheng Bank, China Construction Bank and Xinhua Life Insurance Company and won the bid for VPN network construction projects at China National Petroleum oil stations in ten northern provinces. Among them, the environmental protection project in Inner Mongolia took the key pollution sources automatic monitoring system as the breakthrough point, to enhance informatization of environmental management authorities at all levels in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, including building a comprehensive environment management platform for monitoring and early warning, law enforcement supervision, information sharing and decision-making support.

Promoting informatization at home and providing services to millions of households

Through effective customer segmentation of public and business clients, China Unicom strengthens brand operation such as the "affection 1 +" to transfer from product operation to customer operation. In the "affection 1 +" new package design, China Unicom highlights broadband, providing home users with information services such as multimedia communications, digital entertainment, security monitoring, home business to meet customer demand for high quality of life. The "1 + life" "1 + entertainment" and "1 + warmth" and other packages are targeted for home users with different structures and needs. At present, subscribers of "affection 1 +" in the 10 northern provinces reached 10.8 million. Home informatization is promoted through new products such as high speed broadband, home gateways, video monitoring, virtual home network and fixed POS machines in virtue of Internet content application like entertainment, education, financial management and print, as well as local products and services.

Focusing on industry informatization to ensure efficient operation of the industry

China Unicom provides customized solutions to finance and other industries in response to their needs for informatization. In 2008, China Unicom further demonstrated its competitive edge in industry application by providing customized and one-stop communication and information solutions to the business community, industry and government to enhance their development. China Unicom's "Enterprise Mobile Email" can be real-time online, which enables users to handle e-mail, agent matters, travel and meeting notice anywhere and will soon offer synchronized directory to search the company contact persons.

Promoting informatization of enterprises to support their healthy growth

China Unicom launched the "Business Broadband" service to help enterprises improve the level of informatization to enhance their competitiveness and profitability. "Broadband Business" is a full range office automation and communications solutions developed by China Unicom to meet SME's demand for integrated communications and IT service. It runs on the telecom-level operating platform, integrating of a variety of communications and information products, to meet customers' dual demand for "external communications and internal ICT applications". By sorting business customer list, China Unicom developed a portfolio of five products "enterprise website, Wide view-mEye, basic communications, business whiteboard and telephone marketing service". In March, 2008, the company's "Business Broadband" brand was awarded the fifth "Chinese SME informatization top ten influential brand", the only telecom operator that won this award.

Promoting Construction of the New Socialist Countryside+

Promoting the "Extension of telephone coverage to every village" and undertaking the responsibility to provide universal service in rural areas

China Unicom is committed to the construction and development of universal service in rural areas. It takes the initiative to undertake the obligations of "Extend telephone coverage to every village" in more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions, and actively promote the construction of rural telecommunications in a planned and steady manner. With substantial investment in rural communications, high-speed optical transmission networks and mobile networks with large capacity, high efficiency that are technologically advanced, safe and reliable, covering both urban and rural areas have been rolled out; wired, wireless and satellite access are adopted to address the rural communications network coverage. With the rapid development of new technologies, broadband Internet, mobile Internet and other new types of communication networks have also gradually extended to rural areas. At present, China Unicom has provided the rural market with mobile phones, fixed telephones, PHS, broadband Internet, rural information services and other types of value-added communications services.

With the support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, party committees at the provincial (autonomous regions and municipalities) level and the government and coordination of relevant local Communications Administrations in provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), China Unicom overcame many difficulties such as the small-scale network, unbalanced network layout, fund shortage, adverse natural conditions and short construction period to achieve the targets for each year, thus made due contributions to realize goals of " extend telephone coverage to every village " at various stages. In 2008, the target set for China Unicom was 3,019 villages, covering 17 provinces and municipalities. China Unicom overcame adverse factors of internal integration and reorganization, network separation and Wenchuan earthquake and made great efforts to complete the work in 3,271 villages.

Promoting rural informatization and narrowing the urban-rural digital divide

In 2008, China Unicom continued to conduct modern long-distance education among party members and cadres in rural areas as a starting point to promote the process of information construction in rural areas to support the rural economic, political, cultural, social and ecological development. The new long-distance education model of "Netcom broadband + STB + TV" developed by China Unicom have been identified as one of the three basic models of the infrastructure building and won the National Technology Progress Award, the Gold medal of National Outstanding Achievements in ICT Application, and highly recognized by President Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao and other high-level officials. Take Henan province as an example, since 2005, China Unicom has put up a total of 49,200 long-distance education receiving terminal sites, covering 97% of townships and administrative villages. The long-distance education system has program capacity of 60T. 10 live television channels have been on the air. The system has integrated 150 Teletext websites with over 50 billion clicks. The long-distance education system in Henan province has now become the local most comprehensive practical information platform that offers the most diversified services with the richest content, widest participation and largest system capacity.

Efforts at Promoting Social Employment

Amid the progressive spread of the financial crisis in 2008, China Unicom actively promoted industrial development. While consolidating existing jobs, it made constant efforts to create new employment opportunities to ex-service men and women, college graduates, contributed to the government's endeavor to promote employment and provided substantial outsourcing jobs such as service and maintenance, which, to a large extent, eased the employment pressure and promoted building a harmonious socialist society.

After restructuring in 2008, China Unicom's has a total of 463,000 employees, of whom 347,000 employees are on-the-job, 29,000 early retirees and 87,000 formal retired employees. To alleviate the employment pressure, China Unicom made the commitment not laying off staff in restructuring, and took over all staff of the merged two companies, which embodied the social responsibility of a large SOE.

Connecting People with Disabilities

The theme of 2008 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day was "Connecting Persons with Disabilities". On this subject, China Unicom launched a virtual call center service on the virtual call center platform, which provided call center rental service and outsourcing for large enterprises and institutions. That made it a reality for persons with disabilities to work at home, promoting employment for the disabled. On October 30, 2007, China Unicom launched a voice value-added product for the disabled hotline 1169988279. With employment bulletin board, voice library and other programs, the barrier-free information platform provided information on education, employment, consultation and mutual assistance, making it an inclusive communication and information exchange platform.

In 2008, China Unicom also focused on "Connecting Persons with Disabilities" and provided 10 major services to the disabled during the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, which allowed people with disabilities to fully enjoy the benefits of the advanced information communication technology. In addition, China Unicom also donated 150 location-based service terminals to the Beijing School for the Blind so that students, parents and teachers can find the blind students through rapid positioning when they get lost.

Creating a Healthy Network Environment for Young People

In order to further promote network cultural development and respond to MIIT's call for "green mobile cultural construction", China Unicom, together with "Our Civilization "serial activities Organizing Committee, UNI Alliance, China Youth Social Service Center co-sponsored a series of positive, healthy and civilized activities with the theme of " Harmonious society, United China ", which sought to foster a public network, a new platform that spread socialist spiritual civilization and healthy culture to the masses of the people.

"Harmonious society United China " serial activities are composed of a number of positive events, including "Uni Alliance best selection of green business," "National juvenile online legal knowledge contest", "Military knowledge" network competition, "Chinese minors network application survey", "Webcast serial coverage- Golden age, Wonderful life "tour. These events encouraged the general public to tirelessly learn and spread healthy culture, consciously purify the network environment; propel cell phone promotion practitioners to adhere to professional ethics and strengthen the industry self-regulation. During the campaign, young people were given particular attention as the key group to be protected in the network culture construction. The Organizing Committee will jointly work together with Communist Youth League Central Committee and youth service centers to disseminate legal knowledge among young people to ensure a healthy network environment.

Actively Engaging in Public Welfare Undertakings

In 2008, China Unicom continued to strongly support the social welfare causes, actively carried out poverty-relief work and participated in education, culture, sports and many other public welfare undertakings.

Since 2002, China Unicom has been working on poverty alleviation in the poor counties - Kangbao County and Guyuan County in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. Since 2003-2008, China Unicom has made the cumulative investment of 15 million Yuan and dispatched six cadres to implement 32 poverty alleviation projects in three phases, which made contribution to poverty alleviation and economic and social development in the poverty-stricken areas. Hebei provincial government awarded the company "Model in poverty alleviation by the central entities" twice and awarded five cadres "advanced fixed-point pro-poor individuals" title. Kangbao County and Guyuan County also awarded the company "model of poverty alleviation and development" many times. Four cadres were awarded the second and third prize by the local government in Zhangjiakou City and counties. While completing mission to help the poor, China Unicom actively carried out public welfare activities. China Unicom organized several public donations and donated more than 150 used office computers, 350 pieces (sets) of office furniture to the local government, villages and schools. Company heads and staff made donations of 520,000 Yuan, more than 1,000 pieces of clothes and 4,000 volumes of books. 800 poor students received assistance from their donators. 1000 poor families stricken by the snowstorm were given help. The company also helped to build school library buildings. Since 2002, China Unicom has assumed responsibility to support development in Geji County in Ali, Tibet. The company attaches great importance to the aid to Tibet. Over the past six years, China Unicom sent two batches of cadres to work in Tibet and invested a total of 40 million Yuan in the 14 construction projects such as the Hope Primary School, education and training centers, cultural plaza and housing projects, which played a positive role in improving the Tibetan people's production and living conditions.

In 2008, China Unicom organized and coordinated a medical team to Shache County in Xinjiang and operated on 84 poor cataract patients. The company also participated in the opening ceremony of a bilingual kindergarten and teacher training program in Shache County, Xinjiang. On its tour to Heilongjiang for poverty alleviation survey, China Unicom earmarked 1million Yuan for the professional training center building in Raohe County and encouraged staff to donate over 80,000 Yuan for the poor high school students. The company also initiated a new phase of assistance plan to Xinjiang and formulated some proposals, added the third aid fund to Tibet and allocated 1 million Yuan for poverty alleviation to Raohe County.