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Business Office

Business offices are the interface between China Unicom and its customers, holding an important position in the customer service system. Through years of efforts, China Unicom has developed its business offices in a comprehensive way and realized functions such as request handling, bill payment, on-site marketing, service demonstration, customer experience, customer care, brand promotion, consulting and complaints handling.

China Unicom has business offices all over the China, covering more than 80% of towns and villages. Depending on the demographic features of different cities, business offices are classified into flagship offices, standard offices and small offices. A standard office occupies 3-5 square kilometers and a small one occupies less than 2 square kilometers. Each city in the center of an area has at least 1 flagship office.

As a supplement, there are a large number of cooperative offices of agents to form a multi-level connected distribution network to provide customers with quality services.

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