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10010 Customer Service HotlineMore >
China Unicom's 10010 customer service hotline provides around-the-clock services such as inquiry, consulting, failure report, handling of complaints and suggestions, business transactions and recharge service. Through closed-loop and standard procedures, problems and questions of the customers can be replied within the agreed time frame. Proactively, the hotline also calls customers for feedbacks and sends greetings.
Business OfficeMore >
Business offices are the interface between China Unicom and its customers, holding an important position in the customer service system. Through years of efforts, China Unicom has developed its business offices in a comprehensive way and realized functions such as request handling, bill payment, on-site marketing, service demonstration, customer experience, customer care, brand promotion, consulting and complaints handling.
Online ServiceMore >
The on-line service ( www.10010.com) is an on-line self-service platform on which users can make inquiries, find information, make transactions, activate services, pay the bills, buy products and get supports. After logging in, users can check bills, customize services, change services, report failures, top up pre-paid cards, buy cards and terminals, learn about promotional packages and watch service demonstrations.
Text Message ServiceMore >
This is a way of handling service requests through short messages. Users can send specified codes to 10010 to make inquires, top up pre-paid cards and get customer service. The SMS service hall provides service around the clock with little restrictions on usage.
Mobile Wap & Web ServiceMore >
It is a self-service platform based on WAP technology (wap.10010.com) or intelligent browser technology (mob.10010.com). Users get access to Internet via mobiles and make inquiries, top up prepaid cards and get customer service. To use this service, terminals should be able to support Internet access.
Customer ClubMore >
China Unicom's VIP club service covers the whole country, including 118 VIP Lounges and Express Path in national airports and railway stations, 276 events venues for VIP users, 12000 franchised shops and more than 100,000 VIP customer managers. The services cover various industries such as communications, insurance, tourism and entertainment.
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