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International Roaming Service

Roamers' Dialing Plan in China

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International Roaming Service

On 7 January 2009, China Unicom was granted a WCDMA license. On 17 May 2009, the Company launched pilot 3G service. Underpinned by the proven technology, the 3G network of China Unicom offers the fastest speed and the widest deployment.

2G International Roaming

By the end of June 2009, China Unicom's GSM network had successfully launched voice/SMS international roaming service with 357 operators in 210 destinations, and GPRS international roaming service with 183 operators in 111 destinations. China Unicom's GSM/GPRS network has a full-coverage in China, and China Unicom continues to invest to construct and optimize the current 2G network for more reliable, stable and high-quality communications.

3G International Roaming

China Unicom's 3G network adopted advanced WCDMA technology. We directly deployed HSPA network of Release 6 running at 2.1GHz band, skipping over Release 4 & 5. Our HSPA network can provide subscribers with a download rate of up to 14.4Mbps, and upload rate of up to 5.76Mbps. By the end of August 2009, our WCDMA network will cover 284 cities in China, reaching 80% of China's population, thanks to the continuous network construction and deployment.