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On August 15, China Unicom officially launched a brand-new business segment for the youth under its WO brand – Wo Pai.

On August 15, China Unicom officially launched a brand-new business segment for the youth under its WO brand – Wo Pai. With the popularity and development of 3G networks in China, students, the most receptive to new things, have gradually become the active user group of 3G services, and sharing photos, videos and music with friends is an integral part of their lives. To meet the young consumers’ different demands for mobile phones, China Unicom’s "Wo Pai" launched a variety of customized terminals, and designed 3G packages catering to their specific spending habits with more free data flows and lower tariffs, so the young users can enjoy high-speed 3G networks.

“Wo Pai 36 yuan package” contains a 60-minute long-distance and local voice call duration, three family numbers and 300 free minutes of domestic outgoing calls to family numbers, as well as 100 text messages and 60MB of 3G Internet traffic. It is worth mentioning that the package also presented 500MB domestic targeted traffic, which is used for particular businesses loved by the young people. Currently, four specific businesses including “Wo You” Campus Edition, Mobile Music Campus, Wo Reading Campus and video sharing can use the targeted traffic, and other Internet services loved by the young people such as microblogging will be increased as the case may be. In addition, complimentary Caller ID and Mobile Email services are also included in the “Wo Pai 36 yuan package”. To allow more students to enjoy better services with preferential prices, the monthly fee is only 36 yuan, 10 yuan lower than the minimum “49 yuan package” under the brand “Wo 3G”.

In addition to faster speeds, more traffic and lower rates, taking into account the unabashed individuality of the young users born in the 90s and their different needs for fashionable terminals, 15 phones of “Wo Pai 36 yuan terminal contract plan” were specially launched with the “Wo Pai 36 yuan package”. Subscribers can get a mobile phone by pre-paying a certain amount of call charges. 3G mobile phones of well-known brands home and abroad including Wo Phone OKWAP C580, Nokia X3, Sony Ericsson play Z1i are available for the students to choose. (See attached table)

From Mid-August, China Unicom will launch a national campus campaign, featuring a variety of 3G smart phones with built-in “Wo You” Campus Edition, “Wo Reading”, Mobile Music and other Internet applications, and offer the subsidy service of “getting free mobile phones by depositing credit”. The mobile numbers will serve as the students’ certification accounts for fixed broadband in campus and Wi-Fi services in public areas. China Unicom has opened campus zones in its online business hall ( and Jingdong Mall (, one of its partners) to facilitate the service application for student users.

The logo of “Wo Pai” has very distinctive features and visual impact, whose combination of color and graphics is very interesting, dynamic, lively and full of change, reflecting the vitality and passion. “Wo Pai” is a symbol of young people, whose logo features three colors representing youth and vigor - orange, blue and green, not only representing the wonderful communication experience of China Unicom’s 3G services, but also a symbol of health and springing life. “Wo Pai” is a brand new business segment designed for the young users, following China Unicom’s three major business segments – “Wo 3G”, “Wo Family” and “Wo Business”.

The “Wo Pai” is bound to bring brand new, unique and wonderful campus life.

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