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China Unicom's abundant international submarine & terrestrial cable resources and satellite resources have helped consolidate mainland China's position as Asia's telecom hub.  As an important member of all leading submarine cable consortiums in both Asia-Pacific and Asia-Europe regions, China Unicom takes an active part in the construction, maintenance and management of submarine cables. At present the bandwidth of the submarine cables has accumulated to 1090Gb/s, and our international landing stations are located in Shanghai, Qingdao and Fuzhou. As the largest investor of TPE submarine cable, China Unicom holds the greatest capacity. International terrestrial cables have connected China with neighboring countries and regions such as Russia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Myanmar, Hong Kong and Macao, of which four Asia-Europe terrestrial cable systems (ERMC, TEA, ERA and EKA ) constitute a robust protection loop across different countries and systems. The adoption of MSP1+1 or MSP SPRING protection technology contributes to the establishment of an international network with strong self-healing features. With a total bandwidth of 1850 Gb/s, China Unicom's international terrestrial cable, together with its international submarine cable resources, helps extend the Company's international transmission network to most countries and regions in Asia, Americas and Europe.

China Unicom has set up international gateways in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and established 12 POPs in Hongkong, the United States (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Anaheim), Japan (Tokyo), Britain (London), Germany (Frankfurt) and so on. Our main PoPs in Los Angeles and Hong Kong (China) are 7¡Á24 on duty, and the remaining PoPs are all 7¡Á16 on duty.

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