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Business Operator+


"Business Operator" service is to provide communication and information services to the business customers. The business customer is given one single external operator number while the fixed line telephones, mobile phones and PHS phones of all the members of that customer act as the virtual extensions. In this way, all the people of the business customer can do internal and external communications and information management via this operator number, no matter they are in the office, at home or on business trips.

Service Objects

All the users of fixed line telephony, PHS, mobile telephony and Internet services.

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Sales Butler+


China Unicom's "Sales Butler" service is a business data management service based on STK/OTA technology and provided via its mobile communication network.

Service objects

The service is oriented to the sales in such industries as home appliances, digital products, garment, cigarettes, wine and food.

Business cases

Case one: 20% reduction of misstated costs for a food sales company

A food sales company requires that each and every sales promoter must report data to the superiors on a daily basis. In practice, misstatement of numbers of sales promoters is found in some sales area. In one month after the service implementation, it was found out that some sales promoters had never reported any data. As a result of the service implementation, over 20% of the sales promoters with misstatement have been investigated and treated accordingly.

Case two: 5 million yuan reduction of loss caused by price cut for a home appliance sales company

In the process of market exit of old products, the home appliance sales company has, for the first time, taken the advantage of the service and made its price cut policies based on the accurate inventory data, which reduced its loss by millions of yuan.

Case three: an addition of 800 sales outlets for a home appliance sales company

The company had 1200 sales outlets at the time when it began to take the "Sales Butler" service. Within less than one year, the number of outlets increased to 2000.

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Broad Vision - Magic Eye+


"Broad Vision-Magic Eye" is a specialized remote video monitoring service based on the broadband IP network or mobile communication network with access to the public service platform, providing SMEs with integrated functions such as safe access, real-time browsing, video playback and social emergency response.

Service objects

Large, medium and small sized enterprises, public service institutions and private businesses.

Service functions

-Multi-user real-time video browsing

The customers can do real-time browsing through the centralized client-end terminals (like the TV monitor wall) and PC terminals.

-PTZ control function

The customer can do remote PTZ control, such as the horizontal and vertical rotation and the pre-set-up of the PTZ.

-Video storage

The customers rent the storage of "Broad Vision-Magic Eye" for their digital images and pay the rental fee accordingly based on the rented storage size, frame speed or time duration.


The customers receive alarm information by means of SMS, MMS, telephone calls or emails in case of abnormal temperature, humidity and sense of smoke.

-Digital ID

The "E Shield" certification helps to level up the secure ID certification and avoid the abuse of user information.

-Mobile browsing

The customers can have real-time access to the monitor resources via their mobile handsets anytime anywhere.

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