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ICT Service+


Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are a combination of Information Technologies (IT) and Communications Technologies (CT). ICT service refers to the transmission, sharing and application of information through the delivery of multiple services based on broadband and high-speed communications networks which have extended to cover the communications industry, electronics and IT industry, Internet as well as the media industry. With our extensive customer relations and business advantages in basic telecom services, China Unicom is well-positioned to provide a package solution including system integration, software development, IT outsourcing and consultation service.

Components of our ICT services

- System integration service

Including: infrastructure integration, network communications integration, network applications integration, industrial applications integration, etc.

- Software service

Including: office automation system, communications business system, network applications, SME IT system and the development of other software.

- Outsourcing service

Including: outsourcing of network communications, outsourcing of network applications and outsourcing of industrial applications.

- Specialized service

Including: disaster recovery service, extended network service, secure ICT integration service, application platform services, etc.

- Knowledge service

Including: consultation and training service

- IT business integration equipment service

-Including: sales of IT project equipment, sales of 3rd party equipment and equipment proxy service

- Other ICT services

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Call Center Service+


BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) means an enterprise entrusts its IT-based business process to a professional service provider who will management, operate and maintain its services based on their agreement. The outsourced services include, among others, internal corporate management service, corporate business operation service and the supply chain management service.

Service contents

- Business Call Center

It is also referred to as (outsourced) call center or customer call center. According to the Classification Catalogue of Telecommunication Services published by MII, call center service refers to the utilization of call center system and database system connected with the PSTN or Internet to provide, via public communications networks such as the fixed network, mobile network and Internet, business consultation, information consultation and data inquiry services related to the entrusting enterprise or institution with the building of an information base through the collection, processing and storage of an information. The business scope includes full operator seats services outsourcing, personnel outsourcing service, platform outsourcing service, operator seats outsourcing and value-added services.

- Data processing and back-office management services

The professional data processing software and back-office management services provide customers with image scanning, data entry and transcription, forms processing, document management, inventory, logistics and returns management, e-mail / fax management and other services .

- Other business process services

This category mainly consists of three types of outsourcing services, namely financial and accounting services, human resources services, administrative offices and supply management services.

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Broad-vision Video Surveillance+


Video surveillance product in China Unicom is a new value-added telecom service based on its broadband network, which uses streaming media technology and video server systems to provide key accounts with images, sounds and a variety of remote alarm signal collection, transmission, storage and processing. Customers can log on through the broadband network to China Unicom's integrated monitoring center service platform to enjoy the convenient, economical and effective remote monitoring services, without the restrictions of time and place.

The Broad-vision video surveillance product takes advantage of China Unicom's network resources and uses leased circuits or MPLS VPN in the network bearer layer to provide customers with high-quality transmission channel. The business application layer uses advanced modular networking structure, high-quality front-end video capture equipment and a diversified video display approach to provide customers with high-definition monitoring images and other value-added features such as alarm response upon their demands.

Service contents

China Unicom's Broad-vision video surveillance product can bring a range of values for the users:

- Unified carrier-class video surveillance platform provides key accounts with integrated video monitoring services. For the convenient of our key accounts, all cross-region video surveillance services can support one-point handling, one-point settlement and one-point complaint.

- Global service. China Unicom's Broad-vision video surveillance product can easily expand video surveillance services to any place in the world with the company's globalization. A customer can log on to INTERNET from any place in the world to monitor the control points.

- Integrated surveillance. Video, voice and other sensor data can be uploaded to realize an integrated video surveillance. And different sensor data can be uploaded for customers in different industries to enable truly all-round and full-service monitoring.

- Easy access. All broadband access means (e.g. DDN/FR/SDH/ADSL/LAN) allowed by the access network standard as well as the wireless access can be supported by the Broad-vision services in order to provide for our key accounts high-quality video surveillance services. For SMEs, flexible ADSL access is usually adopted to provide video surveillance functions anytime anywhere.

- Low consolidated cost. No one-time investment is required from key accounts, and the installation cycle is short, maintenance is convenient and scalability is strong. China Unicom's high-quality integrated video monitoring service can save for its key accounts a huge one-time investment cost as well as a large number of day-to-day maintenance costs.

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Integrated Video Conferencing Services+


Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint voice / video hybrid conferencing as well as video live broadcast functions are provided by a unified integrated video conferencing system based on the mobile and fixed networks. The mobile phones, notebooks can be connected with the company conference room video conferencing system to provide corporate customers with unified multimedia conferencing communications platform anytime anywhere.

Service contents

An integrated video conferencing service based on 3G high-speed bandwidth can enable the connection between mobile phones, notebooks and the conference room video system to support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint calls, computers, TV's hybrid conferences, live video broadcast and office video telephony functions.

3G high-speed bandwidth-based integrated video conferencing services can provide clear and stable images for the mobile conferencing services. Both fully-mobile video conferencing and hybrid conference can be enabled; video telephony services are supported; dual-path, data whiteboard and polling are supported; and mobile online services such as training and teaching are supported.

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Integrated VPDN Product+


Integrated VPDN (Virtual Private Dialup Network) is to build private networks for group customers based on mobile and fixed access means (GRPS/WCDMA/ADSL/LAN). The service can enable our corporate customers to seamlessly and securely connect to their intranets anywhere via either mobile or fixed network.

Service contents

- Remote access functions

Support GPRS and WCDMA access;

Support Internet 2nd dial-up access.

- Secure certification functions

Mobile VPDN: to ensure mobile device log-on security through corporate domain name (APN), mobile phone number and VPDN account number bundling;

Fixed-line VPDN: Support account number + password + E shield or random password (either) secure certification method.

- VPDN path security

Mobile VPDN path is a dedicated path for the physical separation from Internet to ensure data transmission security;

Fixed-line VPDN path adopts SSL and IPSEC-enabled tunnel encryption.

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Integrated Voice VPN+


Integrated voice VPN (Integrated Virtual Private Network) is targeted at group users and is to form a virtual private network among China Unicom fixed-line users and mobile users who communicate with internal short numbers.

Integrated Voice VPN service can help group users adopt a flexible strategy to control and save communication costs.

Service contents

- Internal calls

Calls made among VPN group members

- External calls

Calls between VPN group members and people outside the group

- Calls within closed user group

Calls among users within the same closed user group

- Calls between closed user groups

Calls between uses of different closed user groups within the group

- Business management call

Group manager calling its IVR process

- Number prefix function

Prefix number of specific system configuration, by which the group members can enjoy a special tariff.

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