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Mobile Music

Through a mobile music client or music portal, users can check the music billboard, download music ring tone, download full-song/MV, get live music broadcasting, search music, participate music communities and get updated information. The MV downloading and live music broadcasting only apply to 3G users of China Unicom.

Mobile TV

This service is enabled by China Unicom's WCDMA network. Through the handset TV client or China Unicom's 3G portal, users can subscribe to, download and upload video, and watch multiple live TV channels in real time.

Mobile Internet (for 3G users)

By handset, users can visit China Unicom's 3G portal or other websites.

China Unicom's 3G portal not only provides information and contents like news, entertainment, sports, books, communities, games and software, but also integrates other 3G services like Mobile Music, Mobile TV, Moible mailbox, Mobile Newspaper and Mobile searching. Besides, on China Unicom's 3G portal, users can also make inquiries in the on-line handset stores.

Mobile Broadband

This service enables high-speed Internet connection anywhere in the coverage of the 3G mobile network.

Mobile Newspaper refers to the provision of electronic publications via MMS on a regular basis. Users could get access to rich information anytime anywhere with their mobile phones.

Wireless Internet Access based on GPRS is a service that enables the users to get access to the rich Internet services via the mobile portal of China Unicom.

"Stock Market in Palm" enables users to have access to real-time market information and stock market information and conduct stock transaction via SMS and mobile Internet access.

MMS (Multi-media Messaging Service) enables the users to send and receive various multi-media messages, such as texts, pictures, voices and data.

CRBT: Personalized ring-back tone. You can customize your ring-back tone with a piece of music, song or words so that callers hear the music song or words rather than the traditional tone.

SMS: to receive and send text messages via the handset.

SMS Extension Service

This is a value-added service including SMS custody, SMS signature, SMS return receipt, SMS forwarding, SMS firewall, SMS with emoticons and SMS mailbox so that you can save SMS, filter SMS spam, set personalized contents, etc..


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Basic Voice and Value-added Services+

Basic Fixed Telephone Service

Basic fixed telephone service refers to the telephone services where a subscriber owns and uses a unique telephone number to access the PSTN to make local, domestic long-distance and international long-distance calls.

Caller ID Display

With the Caller ID display service, the incoming telephone number is displayed on the screen of the receivers so that they know who is calling.

Simultaneous Ringing

Simultaneous ringing service enables a subscriber to use the same fixed telephone number for a variety of terminals, including PHS, fixed telephone and mobile phone, which will ring simultaneously when a call comes in. To enjoy this wonderful service, subscribers only need to set the numbers for simultaneous ringing service and nothing else.

One-Number Service

A subscriber's two terminals will ring simultaneously when a call comes in. The subscriber can choose to answer with either terminal and the other one will stop ringing immediately. Similarly, the subscriber can make a call with either terminal and the same number will be displayed on the telephone screen of the receiver. The subscriber can even call the same number for the two terminals with either terminal and the other one will ring. The same number will be shown on the screen of the second terminal.

Card Services

A number of types of cards are available, including multifunctional Shine Card, customized cards, recharging card, IC card, IP card, etc.

Fixed-line-based CRBT Service

With this service, a subscriber is able to set the ring back tone with music, sounds or speeches. A caller will hear the music, sounds or speeches instead of the monotonous ringing when calling this subscriber. The service is to be applied by the called party and differentiated and personalized ring tones can be subscribed for different settings.

Telephone Mate (Voice Mail)

Telephone mate is a service that helps a subscriber deal with missed calls through voice mail and call forwarding. When the subscriber is busy or cannot answer the phone, the system can automatically forward the call to a voice mail or an operator so that the caller can leave a message. The subscriber can then extract the voice message and reply to the caller. There are two scenarios:
1. With terminal: voice mail and missed call notification, message extraction, mailbox management, etc.
2. Without terminal: reminder calls, voice mail, mail management, etc.

Call for help"

This service is aimed to provide an alarming and monitoring system for rural customers who may call their neighbors for help with a fixed telephone in case of an emergent situation like illness or theft. It is very popular among farmers because it truly solves their problems. The service package includes "call for help" alarming system, "broad vision" monitoring system at village level, "clever eye" monitoring system for households and shops and fixed-line alarming system, etc. These systems can be used either independently or as collectively.

Fixed-line Payment

This service is launched in partnership with UnionPay and targeted to bank card holders in specific markets, industries, households, neighborhoods and offices. It is designed to help customers with fixed-line payment via a smart terminal. It represents a safe, convenient and new way of payment for fixed-line subscribers. All cards issued by "UnionPay" can be used for this service.

Information Service

This service is aimed to provide a multitude of information and consulting for subscribers with the telecommunication network and database technologies. It is a value-added service that was developed with the advancement of ICT technologies and the telecom network. A wide range of information is available, such as telecom service, general information, weather forecast, TV guide, stock market, etc. Some radio and TV stations are also making use of this service to hold competitions for their audiences to participate.

Basic Data and Value-added Services+


Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop (ADSL) is a way for Internet access. It uses copper twisted pair cable (telephone wire) to provide asymmetrical transmission rate (bandwidth) where uplink (connection from the subscriber's computer to the Internet) is low-speed transmission whereas downlink (from the Internet to the subscriber's computer) is high-speed transmission.


LAN is designed to provide high-speed and stable Internet connection for subscribers with fiber optics and Intranet technologies. With the LAN, subscribers can enjoy high-speed web browsing, high-speed software download, VoD, e-learning, large-scale interactive online games and information posting, etc. This service requires generic cabling for customers' premises, such as residential neighborhoods, office buildings or university dormitories. Following the completion of generic cabling, residential or corporate customers will be able to enjoy high-speed Internet access with Cat.5 cable. Depending on the actual mode of access, subscribers can access the Internet through either a terminal or a private line. With a computer and an Internet card, subscribers can enjoy a number of services including web surfing, VoD, e-learning, etc.


Videophone is a multimedia communication service that uses traditional telephone network, the Internet and video private network to realize the exchanges of voice, images and data, such as video communication, web browsing, video-monitoring, multi-party conference, video mail, online games and SMS.

Home Gateway

Home gateway was born along with the idea of home network. It is a smart access device for residential customers that can help realize Internet access sharing among multiple devices. Home gateway is able to provide WIFI, mobile communications, video monitoring, movie, TV programs, music, online games, remote education and telemedicine and other multimedia information services.

Green Surfing

Green Surfing is a content filtering service, with which parents can control what and when their children can surf the Internet so as to prevent them from accessing inappropriate content on the Internet.


IPTV provides interactive video viewing experience for customers based on existing broadband network.

Online Digital Printing

Online printing is a photo printing service for digital pictures transmitted over the Internet.

Broadband Client End

Broadband Client End is a China Unicom proprietary browser which builds in broadband dial-up tool, it not only helps customers access online news, video, entertainment, online games, but also provides many featured network services of China Unicom.

e-Key Service

"e-Key Service" is a high-tech product that has passed the test and assessment by Ministry of Public Security and obtained a license to sell it as a special security product. The service is enabled by a dual-element password verification technology based on time synchronization which can generate a new and non-repetitive "dynamic password" to be used in combination with the password of the original ID ("static password"). With enhanced recognition of users' identity and security level, it provides diversified and personalized security services to a variety of customers.


E-Shield service is a security service and application based on CA technology. It helps guard customers against network and information security threats as well as their possible harm to customers' interest. IPass is the name for the USB Key, e-Shield service terminal. It contains digital certificate and relevant loading functions and consists of intelligent password chips, flash memory storage, USB interface and smart card operating system.

Action Game

Interactive online action game is a new type of service. Players send out commands with the action game console to play the games online.

HD Video

HD video is a high bit-stream network video content service designed by China Unicom to serve its subscribers with a bandwidth of 2M or higher.

Online Audio

With broadband connection, a subscriber can enjoy a huge amount of high quality audio resources. Normally kids and seniors in a family cannot enjoy online resources due to their lack of computer literacy. However, with a wireless controller and the interactive music magazine, the whole family of the subscriber can enjoy online music services.

Online Education

A subscriber can take advantage of broadband connection and the various educational resources to provide learners with an online learning environment and deliver digitalized content. It is a remote and learner-centric way of learning.

Online Sports

With this service, a subscriber can watch sports events live online through broadband connection.

Extended Broadband Services

China Unicom is aimed to provide one-stop broadband service for its residential customers. It has created a hotline for broadband subscribers, which accepts inquiries and deals with trouble reporting. Onsite service is available when necessary. In addition to Internet access guidance, trouble shooting, content & applications tutoring, China Unicom also provides anti-virus protection, software upgrade, hardware maintenance, computer cleaning, onsite service and technical training, etc.

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